Coronavirus outbreak


With increasing numbers of cases of Coronavirus (COVID19) around the world, LITC wants all of our learners, partners, staff, tenants, and community members to know that we are doing all we can to ensure that our community is safe, able to function, and prepared for potential disruption.

We will follow government guidelines and will review our plans and update our guidance as we receive new information. We will take proportionate and decisive action to minimise the effect of the virus on the health of our community and on your ability to carry out community and education activities.

Please note that the current advice is for anyone experiencing symptoms to stay at home. For further information please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/.

We are taking all precautions to keep ourselves and our community safe and ask all of our learners, partners, staff member, to help us do this by keeping themselves safe and following government guidelines at all times.

If you are worried or concerned about any specific issue not covered in the current email, please email us at info@litc.org.

24/03/2020 update

Information for learners!

All lessons and reviews will be taking place online. 

Our centres are closed to the public, this includes all meetings and reviews, we remain open for vulnerable learners and those requiring a space to work from.

Please arrange times and location with your tutor/assessor.

Certificate collection and face-to-face enrollment services are no longer available. If you require a copy of your certificate, please email alberta@litc.org.

We encourage you to follow the government guidelines at all times and keep yourself and your communities safe.

Guidance for Delivery Staff

Group sessions:
Classes will go ahead as planned. Please ensure that the agreed health and safety measures are put in place and followed rigorously.
Ensure all learners are healthy and fit before the session starts. Ensure all learners inform the centre promptly if they feel unwell after a session.

Individual sessions:
Reviews and delivery will continue as planned. If delivering at the learners’ workplace, please ensure that the space you use is clean and safe.
If delivering at the centre, please follow health and safety guidelines.


Guidance for all Staff

Our centres will remain open in line with government guidelines.
Please ensure you follow the guidelines provided by the government and only attend work if you are feeling well.
Should you develop any symptom, please inform your line manager immediately.
Please pay particular attention to the cleanliness of facilities and ensure all visitors and learners are made aware of protocols in place.
Be mindful of the current situation and avoid crowded places and public transport as much as possible.
Reasonable adjustments will be made on an individual basis and will be addressed by line managers on an ongoing basis.

Apply for emergency support with Lambeth!

Are you based in Lambeth?

Then you may be able to apply for Lambeth's emergency support program. Follow the link below to verify if you're entitled to the program and to apply.


All applicants must have lived in Lambeth for at least six weeks and be over the age of 16 before applying.




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